Friday, January 28, 2011

Ready for Love

Dear Rachel Zoe.. thank you for reminding me Valentines Day is a mere 2 weeks away. Now I'm planning a fun night out and gifts (gifts not to be listed here, for spying eyes). After the planning came the usual.. WHAT TO WEAR???

 I love this dress, suggested by the Zoe Report.. and it was basically the only one on there that wasn't completely outside of my fashion scope.. so if I don't go with something I already own I'll probably end up ordering this one when I order my shoes. Check the dress out at Nordstrom.

I like this BCBG dress for a "sexier look" (minus the hideous white shoes) but I'm not sure something this fitted really works for a dinner date. And honestly I'm just not sure I could pull of something this tight, but for those of you who can ..I think it's a fun night out dress. 

This one isn't really a V-Day dress but I found it while shopping online and it is so me.. it just screams JEN HAVE ME. But since this fabulous Dior dress has a whopping $2,900 price tag.. I don't think this one will be hanging in my closet anytime soon. BUT I WANT IT so in the event I hit the lottery it's mine.. which isn't likely since I don't play it. So I think I'm going to have to let this one go. And I'm not really a fan of white shoes, they are 9 times out of 10 just hideous, but as far as white shoes go.. the pair the model has on are def the way to go.

These are the shoes I want and plan to order over the weekend. I've needed a new pair of black heels for a while so V-Day seems like the perfect excuse to buy myself something I already needed anyway.


  1. you would look amazing in all of those outfits!!

  2. The dresses are do beautiful, nice and gorgeous. Looking so trendy and stunning with the color and pattern of design. I love the dresses here for my outfit. I will also prefer black skinny pants