Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kids clothes!!!

Recently I have caught baby fever.. fear not, this will not be something acted on any time soon.. so I'm hoping that one of my friends or maybe a family member might bring my baby dream to fruition. (If not maybe I'll get me a new puppy sometime sooner than next Christmas.. I just REALLY want something cute to play with)
Until then, I have these two super cute nieces and my sister-in-law always has them dressed so cute. They wear alot of Lilly and always have on the cutest jumpers. Pink is Addie's (the oldest) favorite color, so that's a staple. 
Well I'm very lucky to have some very talented friends which makes shopping for the girls fun. One of my best friends since way back in high school, Betsy, makes the most adorable tutus and hair bows, but she's recently branched out to kids tops and dresses. Her most recent item is just too cute and I think my nieces would love it. (she also has the cutest little boy in the whole world, so she does make a few boys items.. but based on her talents I think someone needs to bring me a little girl to play with)

 You should def. check out her stuff and make some purchases!! You can do so at her website or the FB page. She's got some new stuff in the works to look forward to.. and I've dropped a few suggestions into her inbox so I'm really excited to see if any of those work out.


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