Friday, April 29, 2011

Favorite Moment

I loved everything about the wedding.  It was perfect. She looked gorgeous, her dress was amazing, and it didn't feel so stuffy like other Royal weddings.  My favorite moment was after the second kiss and the crowd went wild.. William blushed and Kate giggled.  It just felt like watching two normal people get married. 

And holy toledo.. I can't believe how much William looked like Diana during the ceremony. The way he holds his head down looks out of the top of his eyes. It was un-nerving.

Worst part of the wedding was this horrendous hat. Yes I know. I'm a self proclaimed fan of fascinators.. but within reason. And this chick looks like a teletubby.. which I'm not a fan of. 

I did however love her coat.. 
My new mission is to find that coat for myself!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fascinated by Fascinators

I've loved the headbands with feathers, bows, and different adornments for years... so it seems the next logical step would be a fascinator.  I'm in love with all the cute ones Kate Middleton wears, in fact I'm asking my mother-in-law to bring me one of hers from London when she goes this summer.
I've been searching for the perfect.. not too over the top fascinator for 1 year anniversary pictures (yes I know people don't do one year pictures but I did our engagement pictures myself and I just think it would be nice to have some professional pictures together) My friend Jessica thinks I've lost my tiny little mind to be buying these "hats" but I think they are fun.

Here are a few of my favorites..

My favorite and the one I want brought back from London

My mom loves this one Pippa wore

These are some of the one's on Vivien Sheriff's site that I just love

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Birthday

Well the day was a little normal.. being a grown-up takes the fun out of birthdays. Husband is in the middle of Finals.. law school stresses him out on a day to day but finals at our house really stink. He didn't really have time to do anything special but he did order out so I didn't have to cook and we are going to really celebrate this weekend. But I thought I would share some of my birthday goodies.

 From the parents...
My awesome camera bag

White Citizen Jeans

 From the Hubby..
part one was the usual Lilly dress
But apparently I have something else coming too :)

and from me...
pink RayBan Wayfarers

For Dessert
I always get a cake for the traditional..
this year was butterfinger

Strawberries and Dip
This is my absolute favorite birthday treat

Friday, April 22, 2011

a week away

We are officially one week away from THE WEDDING and my mommy's birthday (of course). I just love designer sketches.. sometimes more than the real product.. so here are some sketches of what the the future Princess of Wales might wear on her BIG day (which I took off work for.. it's ridiculous how excited I am about this).
Valentino.. my favorite

J. Crew.. of course
Nina Ricci

Nanette Lepore

Tory Burch

Vera Wang

Badgley Mishka
Shocking but Gucci is my least favorite

And shoes of course...
Kate Spade.. also a personal fave

Manolo Blahnik

Happy Easter weekend all!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Gifts...

I just found these super fun (in the most classic, elegant since of the word fun) soaps that would just make the neatest wedding gift.  I've already ordered/bought gift for most of our friends that are getting married this summer but in the future this might be my go to gift.  I might have to buy one or 2 for my casa too. I know.. soap as a gift how boring.. but I just love personalized soaps in a dish with a bunch of neat soaps in a bathroom somewhere.  So if you're strange like me and want to make your own purchase go to The Stationary Studio

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Wish List..

Well there is no where in our sleepy little town that I would ride a bike to but dang it I want one and since Kate Spade is tempting me with this lovely green one (my favorite color) that I'm sure I can't afford.. I'm looking into buying a green bike and splurging on some Kate Spade accessories.

How cute is this.. and I love the dress too.. So tempted!!

This little basket is an older Kate Spade goody 
but I'm on the hunt for it..
I mean how cute would a pink and green bike be???

I'm kind of loving this one so far..

Friday, April 15, 2011

19 weeks and counting...

"A southern girl knows her seasons..
recruiting, spring training, practice, and FOOTBALL"

That's right USC kickoff is a mere 19 weeks away and in anticipation of that glorious event I'm spending my day shopping for fun tailgate goodies.

I'm definitely going to have to place an order
They don't have much Gamecock but they do special orders 

My fave in gamecock colors of course

It's hard to find Garnet but Black and white 
with Garnet accessories is always easy
and I just love the twisted stripe dress

And Judith March always has the
Gameday  Collection

This year my must have for gameday is

and for the kiddies (and mommies too)
Gameday dresses by my friend Betsy 
She is making some other cute gameday stuff too.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Color me Royalty.. well my nails at least

As I've said before... I'm completely obsessed with the Royal Wedding.  I've loved Prince William for like ever and what's not to love about Kate Middleton.  She's super cute and I love her style (I could literally live in her closet and be the happiest person).  Well my hubby's parents are taking off for Europe (my dream honeymoon but J wouldn't do it because his parents hadn't been yet and they've been wanting to go) shortly after the royal wedding so I've asked them to bring me back a little something something pertaining to the big day and any other do dads to hold me over until J and I get to go.
I've been a fairly loyal OPI buyer.. occasionally I stray to Essie ..but I'm about to stray a little farther.  A royal wedding nail polish?? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, I'm sold!!!

No More Waity Katie

Tea with the Queen

not wedding related
but I likey

Monday, April 11, 2011

peel and eat

OK so I've been inlove with the peel and eat pattern but I haven't loved any of the dresses it comes in. Quandary!!! Luckily, I'm still small enough that I can wear the larger kid sizes (additional bonus.. they're cheaper) so I think this would make a lovely birthday gift from the hubby (he buys me a Lilly dress every year for my birthday.. can you say Sweet husband?) So these are the 2 like..

I love all things with Ric Rac..
but I've never tried the kids shifts???
.. i do like this adult one but they don't have anymore 0s
but adjustable straps are always safe???

This one isn't peel and eat but i like it too.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello Retro Cameras.. I'm In Love!!

So I'm about to buy myself some fun new presents.. I mean it is my birthday month.. So I feel like I should get one present a week until my birthday and then I should get a BUNCH of presents ON my birthday.
So these are all of my new favorite toys.. the question is what do I order first???

Pink Diana F+

Yellow Fly Camera

or the crisp clean white mini