Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Color me Royalty.. well my nails at least

As I've said before... I'm completely obsessed with the Royal Wedding.  I've loved Prince William for like ever and what's not to love about Kate Middleton.  She's super cute and I love her style (I could literally live in her closet and be the happiest person).  Well my hubby's parents are taking off for Europe (my dream honeymoon but J wouldn't do it because his parents hadn't been yet and they've been wanting to go) shortly after the royal wedding so I've asked them to bring me back a little something something pertaining to the big day and any other do dads to hold me over until J and I get to go.
I've been a fairly loyal OPI buyer.. occasionally I stray to Essie ..but I'm about to stray a little farther.  A royal wedding nail polish?? SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, I'm sold!!!

No More Waity Katie

Tea with the Queen

not wedding related
but I likey

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