Friday, May 20, 2011

reading list

Next on my reading list is Heaven is For Real.  My brother-in-law just graduated from law school last weekend and everyone at lunch was talking about this book and I literally had chills just hearing little snip-its from the book.

First I have to finish Water for Elephants. (I'm so close to the end that I went a head and watched the movie and it was fabulous, as well) I have this weird thing.. I hate to buy paper back books so a few weeks ago my mom ordered Water for Elephants in hard back for me but it's not going to get her for a few more weeks.  Apparently they stop making hard backs when paper backs come out..  So annoying!!  So I broke down and bought my first iBook and have been reading it on my iPad and it's so good.  I just can't put it down.. still not sold on the paperless books.. just love the smell of a new book to ever make the switch.

After these two I'm returning to my Nicholas Sparks reading list.  This is one of the few I haven't read so.... Safe Haven is next (and I got this one in hard back.. YAY)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Sandals

Neutral Flats.. but I don't know which pair I want/need
Ivanka Trump

Kate Spade

Dolce Vita

Fun Heels.. 
I'm adding all of these to my wish list.
Tabitha Simmons


..These will be purchased before 4th of July

Monday, May 16, 2011

Manic Music Monday - Black Kids

All month we have been traveling back and for the SC every weekend, like 2 crazy people.  Well my old favorite song came across my iPod yesterday and has  become my new favorite song.. again!!

The Black Kids
I'm not gunna teach your 
Boyfriend How to Dance with you

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Spray Tan Mishap

So I went to the dermatologist Monday with a slight sunburn from the Crawfish Festival the Saturday before.  So my Dr. gives me a small lecture on sunscreen and tanning beds.  Well with a burn on my shoulders and desperately needing a tan before the wedding this weekend, I tried to do an at home spray tan.

Actually, the product itself works fabulously. No streaks!! Not orange!! and alot less expensive than driving 3 towns over for a professional airbrushed tan. However, being the blond-ding-bat that I am.. I have this brilliant idea (or so I think) to apply the tanner in the shower so I can just rinse the excess down the drain. Well that worked perfectly.. the Mishap however is all over the bottom of my feet.