Friday, May 20, 2011

reading list

Next on my reading list is Heaven is For Real.  My brother-in-law just graduated from law school last weekend and everyone at lunch was talking about this book and I literally had chills just hearing little snip-its from the book.

First I have to finish Water for Elephants. (I'm so close to the end that I went a head and watched the movie and it was fabulous, as well) I have this weird thing.. I hate to buy paper back books so a few weeks ago my mom ordered Water for Elephants in hard back for me but it's not going to get her for a few more weeks.  Apparently they stop making hard backs when paper backs come out..  So annoying!!  So I broke down and bought my first iBook and have been reading it on my iPad and it's so good.  I just can't put it down.. still not sold on the paperless books.. just love the smell of a new book to ever make the switch.

After these two I'm returning to my Nicholas Sparks reading list.  This is one of the few I haven't read so.... Safe Haven is next (and I got this one in hard back.. YAY)

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