Friday, August 31, 2012

Kitchen Re-Model

 When we bought our house the kitchen was VERY small and VERY out of date.
It also wasn't really the best use of space..
there was a door and a window in the small space
We had very few cabinets but we have ALOT of dishes, appliances & other goodies. 
Here is the tour of the small kitchen before the renovations.
the awkward door and the odd bar/cabinets, BOTH were removed

Please Note:
the sink that is too big for counter space allotted
and the old school cabinets

this corner of wall was removed to help open up the space

We also had a formal dinning room which we didn't really "need".

Our contractor, Ryan Bowers (Bowers Building and Remodeling), tore down the walls
between the dinning room and kitchen & the kitchen and den to create a larger eat-in kitchen & create an open floor plan.
The New Cabinets
(custom built by Ryan)
the wall we planned on taking out turned out to be load bearing
so Ryan added two support beams to help keep the space open
and it turned out GREAT!!!!
with the smaller house we didn't have a butler closet or pantry
so I asked Ryan to build us some pantry style cabinets
which he did and we love.