Thursday, July 19, 2012

OUR HOUSE - pre-renovations

My sweet friend, Kat, suggested I start blogging again and
show the progress we make on our fixer-upper.

So here are some pictures of our new home the way it looked when we purchased it..
It's a small starter home that needed some major updating but we think its going to be really cute when we get everything done and it's a great space for us for now.

In the future I'll post pictures of the progess and then some before and afters.. so STAY TUNED :)

This is the house from the street
we are painting it white and ripping up those box shrubs

Living Room

Dinning Room
we're taking out that wall and creating an eat in kitchen

extremely outdated so we are gutting it and starting from scratch


Hall Bath (currently only bath EEK!!)
replacing the shower with a clawfoot tub

This is a LONG small awkard Bedroom
we are turning it into a Master Bath

Master Bedroom

Guest Bedroom

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pefect Husband

Yesterday was mine and the husband's second anniversary but we celebrated over the weekend. My super sweet husband booked us a room at the Sheraton.. The place we stayed the night of our wedding. LOVE HIM!! We decided not to exchange gifts this year because we just bought a house and now we are renovating it so our brand new appliances are our gifts to each other. However, I ended up getting a gift anyway.. I forgot my hang up bag in Virginia with my dress for dinner.. So I got the new Lilly dress I've been eyeing.

Monday, July 16, 2012


It's been a LONG time.. But honestly life was pretty uneventful for while and then it was so chaotic.. And then I just kinda forgot about it.
(oops.. one of the hazards of being a blond)

But we have had a pretty exciting summer..
Some of our best friends got married this year. Sadly my memory card got wet so I lost all of my pictures from the first 2 weddings but here is one with two of my beautiful newly wed friends.

Jay finished with law scool.. #1 in his class. So proud of him!!!

Also, the hubby and I finally closed on our first house. Which was the longest, most painful process EVER. But it's done and the renovation has officially begun!!