Friday, November 19, 2010

Obsessed.. who me??

I'm known to be a little OCD. But I like to think it's in an "aw that's so cute" kinda way.. Not in a crazy.. "As Good As It Gets" kinda way. I like things to look pretty. I think if there is a place for something.. that's where it should be put. My wierdest thing is probably the fact.. I will NOT eat foods if they touch.. I eat one thing at a time.. and I have this weird thing about food textures. Soft foods should not crunch.. so no nut, no onions, don't like tomatoes.. and the list goes on and on.
I have lots of obsessions.. I definitely have an obsessive personality. 
This week has spawned a new obsession.. A ROYAL WEDDING!!!
It's common knowledge that Prince William and Kate finally got engaged. But I'm basically beyond excited. Prince William was my first crush. My mom loved Princess Diana. I remember watching her funeral with my mom and basically from there emerged my crush on Prince William. That Christmas my mom got me this HUGE poster of him. 
Well now I'm happily married.. and I think I had the perfect fairy tale wedding. (Complete with the evil person that tried to ruin it but we came out on top and VERY HAPPY!!) All in all I say the whole day went PERFECT. I think everyone should be as lucky, to have such a perfect day. And I owe it all to my mom, who did most of the planning.. and my step dad (he's always been like our dad), who did all the paying and put up with all the craziness. BIG THANKS TO BOTH OF THEM. But I miss all the excitement of planning a wedding. (I was already obsessed with all my friend's weddings) but this wedding is like a real life Fairy Tale.. and since I'm also obsessed with Fairy Tales and Disney Movies and Happy Endings.. it's only natural that I would be obsessed with this wedding. 
I've already watched like 3 T.V. specials on it and read all the articles online. OBSESSION!!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

Tis the season for Christmas shopping and since my mom has been harassing me for a list so she can start her Christmas shopping I've been giving alot of thought to what this good little girl would like for Christmas this year.

Topping the list is a new computer since my laptop has decided it hates me and the puppy we fostered thought the cord was a chew toy. SO UPGRADE!!

Also on the list, but highly unlikely, is the Cartier Love Bracelet. If I don't get it for Christmas this one is pretty much a staple gift item.. Valentine's Day, Birthday, 1st Wedding Anniversary.. Whatevs.. I've emailed the husband links to where it can be purchased.. subtle I know!! However I'm having some difficulty deciding between the Gold (since the watch Husband gave me as a wedding gift is the MK Gold and Horn) and the White Gold (since my wedding ring is Platinum and White Gold)??? Choices!!!
As much as I love my MK Horn watch that the Honey gave me.. I'm also craving this delicious MK watch.. you know just to change it up.. plus this is dressier than the Horn. I mean can someone who reads time on her cell phone really have too many watches?? I think not.

Oh yeah. And since I'm obsessed with fun nail polish.. I normally buy myself OPI but Tis' the Season for Giving and you typically ask for something special.. a splurg.. well HELLO.. I'll take this Chanel Nail Trio Please
I'm also asking for a new IPod since mine is slightly outdated and I have no clue how to update it with out loosing all my old songs.. I'm a little bit of a tech tard. A new lense for my "fancy pants Nikon" and a new bag so I can carry all my lenses. New jeans and a few sweaters.. clothes are always a staple.

The delima is, however, what to get hubby!?! My mom and step-dad are easy. The brothers and I have the routine Christmas gifts. Husband basically spends all his time studying for Law School and never asks for anything. I have 2 ideas but then blank. HELP!!!


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Faithful Fall

Ok!! So my friend, and former co-worker (rest in peace Birds) has finally motivated me to start a blog of my very own. Thanks B-Ray!! As I'm a huge fan of Gossip Girl, yes I'm 16 at heart, I've kinda wanted to do this for a while. But what would I talk about? Well I just got married last summer so Brit suggested blogging about wedding bliss.. ok!! And I guess whatever else inspires me from life, friends, shopping, to cooking and cleaning. This is my new outlet. SO brace yourself!!
But for now the topic is FALL, it is one of my favorite seasons. Football games, leaves changing, and the temperatures finally starting to drop off.. and let's not forget the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte Which can only be described as Heaven on Earth.

But as my husband dragged my off to B-F-Nowhere, tear in eye, just over a year ago.. I feel I'm missing all things fall. I only make it to about 1/2 the Carolina football games (and for someone who never missed a home game from age 5 to a year ago.. THAT'S HUGE). The leaves barely change here, they go from green to brown to GONE. And the closest Starbucks is an hour and a half away. I did recently find a little bit of fall in a cold treat.. Pupkin Pie Blizzards. 

We also made a trip to Hendersonville for some fall fun with our wonderful friends. And this weekend it's back to South Carolina for some Football.  I love my husband and would go anywhere with him.. but my favorite place to go with him.. is HOME!! (and by home I mean SC)

Well that's it for now.