Friday, November 19, 2010

Obsessed.. who me??

I'm known to be a little OCD. But I like to think it's in an "aw that's so cute" kinda way.. Not in a crazy.. "As Good As It Gets" kinda way. I like things to look pretty. I think if there is a place for something.. that's where it should be put. My wierdest thing is probably the fact.. I will NOT eat foods if they touch.. I eat one thing at a time.. and I have this weird thing about food textures. Soft foods should not crunch.. so no nut, no onions, don't like tomatoes.. and the list goes on and on.
I have lots of obsessions.. I definitely have an obsessive personality. 
This week has spawned a new obsession.. A ROYAL WEDDING!!!
It's common knowledge that Prince William and Kate finally got engaged. But I'm basically beyond excited. Prince William was my first crush. My mom loved Princess Diana. I remember watching her funeral with my mom and basically from there emerged my crush on Prince William. That Christmas my mom got me this HUGE poster of him. 
Well now I'm happily married.. and I think I had the perfect fairy tale wedding. (Complete with the evil person that tried to ruin it but we came out on top and VERY HAPPY!!) All in all I say the whole day went PERFECT. I think everyone should be as lucky, to have such a perfect day. And I owe it all to my mom, who did most of the planning.. and my step dad (he's always been like our dad), who did all the paying and put up with all the craziness. BIG THANKS TO BOTH OF THEM. But I miss all the excitement of planning a wedding. (I was already obsessed with all my friend's weddings) but this wedding is like a real life Fairy Tale.. and since I'm also obsessed with Fairy Tales and Disney Movies and Happy Endings.. it's only natural that I would be obsessed with this wedding. 
I've already watched like 3 T.V. specials on it and read all the articles online. OBSESSION!!!

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