Friday, January 28, 2011

Ready for Love

Dear Rachel Zoe.. thank you for reminding me Valentines Day is a mere 2 weeks away. Now I'm planning a fun night out and gifts (gifts not to be listed here, for spying eyes). After the planning came the usual.. WHAT TO WEAR???

 I love this dress, suggested by the Zoe Report.. and it was basically the only one on there that wasn't completely outside of my fashion scope.. so if I don't go with something I already own I'll probably end up ordering this one when I order my shoes. Check the dress out at Nordstrom.

I like this BCBG dress for a "sexier look" (minus the hideous white shoes) but I'm not sure something this fitted really works for a dinner date. And honestly I'm just not sure I could pull of something this tight, but for those of you who can ..I think it's a fun night out dress. 

This one isn't really a V-Day dress but I found it while shopping online and it is so me.. it just screams JEN HAVE ME. But since this fabulous Dior dress has a whopping $2,900 price tag.. I don't think this one will be hanging in my closet anytime soon. BUT I WANT IT so in the event I hit the lottery it's mine.. which isn't likely since I don't play it. So I think I'm going to have to let this one go. And I'm not really a fan of white shoes, they are 9 times out of 10 just hideous, but as far as white shoes go.. the pair the model has on are def the way to go.

These are the shoes I want and plan to order over the weekend. I've needed a new pair of black heels for a while so V-Day seems like the perfect excuse to buy myself something I already needed anyway.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Kids clothes!!!

Recently I have caught baby fever.. fear not, this will not be something acted on any time soon.. so I'm hoping that one of my friends or maybe a family member might bring my baby dream to fruition. (If not maybe I'll get me a new puppy sometime sooner than next Christmas.. I just REALLY want something cute to play with)
Until then, I have these two super cute nieces and my sister-in-law always has them dressed so cute. They wear alot of Lilly and always have on the cutest jumpers. Pink is Addie's (the oldest) favorite color, so that's a staple. 
Well I'm very lucky to have some very talented friends which makes shopping for the girls fun. One of my best friends since way back in high school, Betsy, makes the most adorable tutus and hair bows, but she's recently branched out to kids tops and dresses. Her most recent item is just too cute and I think my nieces would love it. (she also has the cutest little boy in the whole world, so she does make a few boys items.. but based on her talents I think someone needs to bring me a little girl to play with)

 You should def. check out her stuff and make some purchases!! You can do so at her website or the FB page. She's got some new stuff in the works to look forward to.. and I've dropped a few suggestions into her inbox so I'm really excited to see if any of those work out.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Miller is such a Diva

Jodi, in my office, used to be a cosmetologist and had her own shop. Well this morning she was looking through this catalog with all this hair and nail product and was showing me some of the stuff she could get whole sale. Most of it wasn't brands I use but they did have OPI which is awesome.
However the discovery is this little gem. Paul Mitchell for dogs!

And if you've never seen our little diva.. this is Miller. He was Jay's from before we met but I've adopted him as my own.. and (much to Jay's dismay) I have spoiled him rotten. He only likes gourmet dog treats, he loves clothes, stuffed animals, and snuggling under the covers. He is such a princess! 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dress Obsessed

I love everything about my wedding but as I was shopping online this morning (because that is the only place there is to shop in BFvirginia) I found this dress I'm absoulutely obsessed with. I don't love it as a wedding dress but I do love it as a guest of a wedding dress (obviously not in white) So my new mission is to either find a dress identical to it or find someone who will make me this dress.

While looking through the designers stuff I found this dress which made me wish I was a little more trendy. Don't get me wrong I LOVE MY WEDDING DRESS ..I would wear it everyday if that wouldn't look completely rediculous.. But this is a fun modern dress. I couldn't ever pull it off but I do love it.

Both dresses are by Jason Wu and can be found at

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Goodie - four day weekend

Last weekend was a four day weekend in VA. lucky me!! ...a 4 day weekend filled with lots of fun goodies. 

We made a trip down to SC to see some friends and celebrate a few upcoming weddings. But before we left I found a little package on my front door step. MY AUBERGINE HUNTER WELLIES!! Which I had been waiting for for what I feel like was a life time (it was closer to a week since I ordered them on the 10th but I was just that excited).. but as the snow melted my package ARRIVED!! and might I say it was worth the wait.. I love everything about these boots they are super cute and not bulky. The color is perfect (and I realized after they came in it's the same color Bella wears in the Twilight).. it will go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe. They do run a little big but luckily I knew that before I ordered them. I usually wear a 5.5 or a 6. My J. Crew wellies were a 6 but I ordered a 5 in the Hunters and they are perfect.

Then when we got down to SC we went out with our fun friend Jonathan, who came down from Colorado, and some of our other SC friends. Then I woke up the next day and went to LaRoque to pick up a fun dress to wear to one of the 5 weddings we have to go to this summer. literally five!!  The dress is super cute.. just like Annabelle and everything she does. It's great to know people with amazing talents. <<Now if only I could find out what my amazing talent is>>

I maybe a little partial since she did do my BM dresses, my garter (well her and my mom teamed up and did my garter), my flower girls dress, and my ring bearer's bow tie. Which, I think, turned out fabulous!! You can see it all here. But I just love her and can't wait to go back to visit her so she make me a fun spring dress.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hello Dolly!!

If you didn't already know this.. I went to the same high school as Dolly Parton and lived right down the street from here theme park, Dollywood. So in honor of a fellow Sevier County High School student.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOLLY!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Showers, Engagement Parties, and Wedding Bells

We have officially reached the age where everyone is either married, engaged, or getting engaged. I've been having a little post wedding blues but honestly I feel like J and I were kinda robbed. We were some of the first in our group to get married so we didn't have very many FUN parties and stuff. Most of our parties were hosted by our parents friends.. and as beautiful as they were we didn't really have the friend showers and such that alot of our friends are having.
But now that all our friends are catching the wedding bug I get to start shopping for fun cocktail and shower attire again and bust out some of my favorites from our wedding festivities. This weekend we have a shower for J's God-Brother and his cute little fiance (this couple is also our future neighbors) and at the same time we have an engagement party for another couple friend of ours. Which is all well and good but one is shower attire (which is hard enough with snow on the ground) and the other is cocktail attire. But we are going to attend both so I need a dress that transitions from dressy to cocktaily.
This is what I've come up with.. I bought this super cute Michael Kors shift dress earlier this year, that I'm yet to wear. It's very basic, but I loved it because of it's versatility (perfect for occasions such as this)

I've been on a mission to find some new FLAT boots to wear it with to the shower (since I got something all over my suede ones and now they are ruined) but that has been a fruitless effort.. so I'm thinking ballet flats, tights and a scarf for the shower. Then switching to my silver New Years pumps and some festive jewelry for the engagement party. 
So ready for spring.. dressing up is so much more fun when it isn't snowing out side.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Resolution

In high school I was pretty active.. I played soccer and cheered until I moved to TN, where I did nothing. Once I moved back to Aiken I joined the dance team where we ran, did pilates, and just worked out in general pretty much everyday. Now I'm back to nothing.. which used to work great for me but in the last year or two I've actually started gaining weight. Of course when I wanted to gain weight it was impossible but now that I don't have the time or energy to work out here come the lbs.
So my New Years Resolution is to bust that pilates mat I bought before the honeymoon back out and put those DVDs to good use. This time I'm going to do it for more than 2 weeks so I'll keep you posted on how they work.

I'm also planning to join the Y in February. I can't do it right now because I'm having my wisdom teeth out so no work out for the next week. And the next weekend is a 4 day weekend here in VA so what the hay I'm going to gradually work my way into this resolution, don't wanna burn out before I start to see the results.
Now people that know me don't freak out. I don't think I'm fat or anything like that. I just want a flat tummy and it never hurts to be in shape.