Thursday, January 13, 2011

Showers, Engagement Parties, and Wedding Bells

We have officially reached the age where everyone is either married, engaged, or getting engaged. I've been having a little post wedding blues but honestly I feel like J and I were kinda robbed. We were some of the first in our group to get married so we didn't have very many FUN parties and stuff. Most of our parties were hosted by our parents friends.. and as beautiful as they were we didn't really have the friend showers and such that alot of our friends are having.
But now that all our friends are catching the wedding bug I get to start shopping for fun cocktail and shower attire again and bust out some of my favorites from our wedding festivities. This weekend we have a shower for J's God-Brother and his cute little fiance (this couple is also our future neighbors) and at the same time we have an engagement party for another couple friend of ours. Which is all well and good but one is shower attire (which is hard enough with snow on the ground) and the other is cocktail attire. But we are going to attend both so I need a dress that transitions from dressy to cocktaily.
This is what I've come up with.. I bought this super cute Michael Kors shift dress earlier this year, that I'm yet to wear. It's very basic, but I loved it because of it's versatility (perfect for occasions such as this)

I've been on a mission to find some new FLAT boots to wear it with to the shower (since I got something all over my suede ones and now they are ruined) but that has been a fruitless effort.. so I'm thinking ballet flats, tights and a scarf for the shower. Then switching to my silver New Years pumps and some festive jewelry for the engagement party. 
So ready for spring.. dressing up is so much more fun when it isn't snowing out side.

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