Saturday, January 22, 2011

Dress Obsessed

I love everything about my wedding but as I was shopping online this morning (because that is the only place there is to shop in BFvirginia) I found this dress I'm absoulutely obsessed with. I don't love it as a wedding dress but I do love it as a guest of a wedding dress (obviously not in white) So my new mission is to either find a dress identical to it or find someone who will make me this dress.

While looking through the designers stuff I found this dress which made me wish I was a little more trendy. Don't get me wrong I LOVE MY WEDDING DRESS ..I would wear it everyday if that wouldn't look completely rediculous.. But this is a fun modern dress. I couldn't ever pull it off but I do love it.

Both dresses are by Jason Wu and can be found at

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