Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall TV Line-Up

TV is back in full swing and I'm super excited about it.. we are cleaning off the DVR to make way for all the new shows.  This season we are having to give 2 and 1/2 Men the boot to make room for all the awesome TV on Monday night (plus that show is going to crash and burn with out Charlie Sheen) So here's a look at our DVR schedule...

Girly TV night
2 Broke Girls.. This show is so funny

Gossip Girl.. loved the books.. and the show of course

Super excited about Hart of Dixie.. and the Pilot didn't disappoint

House is the one Monday night show the hubby watches w/ me

love - NCIS

Not over the moon for Ringer but..

I really like Parenthood. Cute family!!

Comedy Night
can't wait for Cougar Town.. it's been one of my weekly faves

J and I love Modern Family.. we laugh out loud

Criminal Minds is one of my favorites

Up All Night is easily mine and J's favorite new show

Slow TV night
Vampire Diaries.. not great but need something to watch

Chuck is the Husband's favorite.. making a move from Monday to Friday

Husband started watching Boardwalk Empire and now we are both obsessed

Once Upon A Time.. I'm excited to see what they do with the fairy tales

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  1. I LOVE Wednesday nights. Modern Family and Criminal Minds are huge at our house - you should come watch it with us and have dinner sometime!!!