Monday, March 21, 2011

It's been crazy..

The weekend before last we kicked off wedding season 2011. CONGRATS TO ROBERT AND HEATHER!! It was good to go home and see friends. 
On our way back we found out about a shooter that was on the mountain side shooting at officers, only a mile from our house. He shot 4 of our local sheriff's deputies. Needless to say the last week here has been crazy.
I know I complain about the place we currently live (alot) but working in this office, I've become close with several of the officers in town, and watching this area (where we see so much bad) come together for the 2 officers we lost, it was really amazing. Where I work I feel like all we see are the bad things in the county but riding in that funeral processional and seeing people on the side of the streets with their hands over their hearts and people holding up signs "we love our law enforcement" was so heart warming. 
On a brighter note: The other 2 officers that were shot are expected to make full recoveries. Despite the fact that we saw so much bad that Sunday, we've also been lucky enough to see something Amazing. One of the officers was expected never to walk again but by the grace of GOD (literally), he is now expected to make a FULL recovery. He's going to rehab and they are doing surgery to repair his spine. We don't know when he'll be able to walk again but they do expect him to.
After all of the sadness here, it was good to go back to SC for another fun weekend with friends and to celebrate St. Pats. So that explains my absence. Hope eveyone had a good (safe) St. Patty's Day!!

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