Friday, March 25, 2011

Countdown to Cup

Cup is only 5 days away. 
For those of you not from SC.. the Carolina Cup is the big thing for Spring. Pretty dresses and floppy hats (well if you don't look like a nerd in a hat.. which I do).  Well as crunch time approaches so does the dress stress. And as a procrastinator, I have not a clue what I want to wear this year.

I bought this really cute French Connection dress a while ago but never wore it so it was my fall back plan. With no luck searching it's pretty much going to be my Cup dress now. So I'm not going to put it on here but these were some of my top choices..

I don't really wear Lilly to Cup because SOOO many girls do and I hate getting out there and having on the same thing as someone else. However, I was considering it this year, just because we aren't going to be in College Park and the odds of someone at 1 of 3 tailgates we'll go to having on the same thing is pretty slim. So I went to Lilly a few weeks ago and tried on a few different dresses.. here are the ones I was considering...

I love Lilly but they run big. However, this 0 was perfect fit.

I haven't tried this one on but I love it on the model

I also really liked these but I couldn't seem to find either when 
I went shopping in Knoxville.

Loved the neckline on the Nanette Lepore
loving yellow this spring.. this Milly was a fave

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