Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So a few weeks ago I was looking for some fun green jewelry to wear for St. Pats.. no luck but I did stumbled upon these cute little sea turtles on Splash of Pink's website. I couldn't order them then because obviously buying a valentine's day gift for the hubby was more important. Well my fun new earrings came in yesterday and completely made my long day worth it. I'm so glad I decided to order my Fornash Sea Turtles last week because they are perfect. (Green is one of my all time favorite colors so I'm in love with these little guys)

If you don't know.. I'm kind of obsessed with little sea creatures. Starfish and Sea Turtles are my absolute fave but I pretty much love it all. So next time I'm having a bad day, any of these would make an easy pick me up.. and a fun additions to my summer jewelry collection.

I already have these starfish from J. Crew.. and they make me happy every time I wear them. I even splurged and bought the necklace to match. I hope my turtles have the same effect.. but I already know they will!!!

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