Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Holy Fashion Faux Pas

It took all of my strength not to snap a cell phone picture of this girl yesterday. This girl's out fit was a train wreck.. like something you'd expect to see in Walmart but we were in Target, which made it even more mind blowing. Somehow this girl managed to wrap all of my fashion pet peeves into one outfit. Well almost, if she had a little animal print in there it would have been a perfect disaster.
Leggings are NOT pants.. 
but I'm pretty sure this girl had tights on as pants.

Over the Knee Boots.
I know some people love this trend.. 
but all I see is Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.. AKA hooker!!
 And I'm not sure if the kid was hers or the lady behind her.. but the little baby had her ears pierced. Why do parents do this?? I mean if you are worried people won't know it's a girl slap a bow on her head and throw her in some pink.

While we are on the subject of trends I hate 
lets discuss the Jean on Jean phenomenon.. STOP IT!!  
Or the ROMPER. 
OMG I loath the romper. 
I have only seen one girl outside of Hollywood that could pull that off, 
and she can make pretty much anything she puts on cute, my friend B-Ray!!

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