Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday (the hair edition)

I'm kinda crazy about my hair (thanks mom).  I didn't color my hair for a long time, like 8 years, because in high school I went a little crazy and before I knew it I was a platinum blond and my hair was fried.  But because I did start highlighting again, I probably go over board on trying to keep my hair healthy. 

I have alot of very fine hair but I hate product
so a good shampoo is critical for me.
I know I'm crazy but I like to rotate shampoos every week or so
$30 at
$27 from Trade Secrets

I rarely use hair spray but when I do it's bumble and bumble
It smells great and they make a travel size perfect for your purse
$22 from Sephora ($10 for travel size)

I love that bumble and bumble make their dry shampoo hair color specific
$35 from Sephora

And my long standing staple items are by Aveda.  
Some people don't like the strong smell of Aveda products 
but as an Aveda salon regular I love it..
It makes me feel like I just left the salon when I use it.
$16 from Aveda

$24 from Aveda

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